Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surviving or Thriving ?

by: Cecilia C. Torres, DMD / MagnifiDENT Inc.

Surviving is someone who just work without exerting effort, someone who work just to earn and maintain the job.

Thriving : is someone who work with dedication and effort, someone who work well to be profitable and productive.

Each worker is expected to a production of three times of his/her salary just to shoulder the basic overhead of the company. Anyone working below or within his/her salary is just working to survive.

Ask yourself about your contribution to the company? Do you consistently deliver a quality service or performance? or are you just working to retain your job? Are you a beneficial or detrimental to the company?

Be honest. Let’s All make it BETTER!
During challenging financial times, it can make the difference between surviving and thriving.

Friday, April 3, 2009

People to avoid.....

By: Cecilia N. Cardeno-Torres, DMD / MagnifiDENT Inc.

We all have our own work everyday; we aspire to work very hard as to get the maximum certain quality production each day. We want to give our best. That is the focal point of our mind when we wake up in the morning. A new bright day for a better tomorrow.
Factors are to be considering if you can still sustain the same energy level the whole day you work. Remember that we are dealing with so many people, the co-workers, patients and guest. We most of the time are affected by this people. And there are only two kinds of people who can affect your work and yourself as well: the one who will drive you in or the one who will drive you out.
The one who will drive you in will definitely help you finish the day at the same positive level of energy you have in the morning. But be careful for those people who will drive you out. They will absorb all your energy. They can turn you and your life miserable. They can eat you. Avoid talking to this kind of people whether she/he is a co worker, patients or a guest. Never give so much time talking to them. All they want is somebody to listen to them. Waste your time. They will talk about all their hang ups and disappointments in life. They are depressed as they wake up in the morning and desperate at the end of the day. They have no words to say but merely complaints and never been satisfied. They keep their life unhappy everyday. These people are the most dangerous leech. They are energy suckers. They will absorb your energy until you become one of them. You can’t help them. That is their way of life already. They will not listen because they do not understand positive things. No matter what you do, you cannot keep them like you. Do not bother to understand them because they do not even bother understand their way of life.
You have to move on. Move forward everday and stick to what you have started in the morning. Do not be get affected by negative environment. This will not help you and will only make you low down. Avoid them.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Power of Dental Practice Management

by: Cecilia C. Torres, DMD / MagnifiDENT Inc.

Dental Practice Management is most often ignored thinking that Dental Practice will and will just go on its way and can keep on moving alone. The administration, financial and the whole system will just stabilize by itself, No foundation, no walls, no roof, there’s nothing to depend on. All visions are transparent. One wind can make it all fall down.

The foundation of a Dental Practice does not depend from the actual revenues or total number of patients coming in. Although the higher the revenue and total number patients implies good practice, it does not assure the stability of its foundation. One mistakes and it will end up all to nothing. The most reliable way to bank on is to make a strong foundation, put walls and roof for protection. Something that will support the system and can stand against any chaos, expected and the unexpected one.

How do we make it then? First, we have to establish our Objectives and limits, second the target and the vision, and lastly the system. If you have all these things, no matter how hard life is and whenever you open eyes each morning you know you can always count on what you have established.